Save Time

No need to go out and measure your paddocks. Grass SAT uses remote sensing combined with grass growth modelling to calculate a daily grass cover value.

Save Money

Optimise grass production for your livestock and reduce supplementary dry feed costs.

Improved Intelligence

Get daily updates on grass volumes and paddock health for more informed herd and pasture management decisions.


Critical information is delivered daily for grazing and silage paddocks.


George Holmes
Dairy Farmer, UK Arla council member, Frampton, Dorset.
I think the real value in Rezatec’s grass management tool is to free up time spent on labour intensive activities such as grass measurement, while providing daily estimates of grass cover in an automated, easy-to-use wedge tool all served up in a digital format without the need to do anything. This enables farmers to be more efficient with their time and optimise grazing potential.