Optimise your most important asset

Grass SAT makes it easier for dairy, beef and sheep farmers to optimise grazing performance.


Benefits of Grass SAT

Save Time

No time to go out and measure your paddocks? Grass SAT calculates daily grass cover values without the need for manual measurements.


Adapt grazing planning based on real-time analysis and maximise grass cover.


Mitigate potential surplus and shortfall scenarios and benchmark against best performing paddocks.

Already measuring grass

If you are already measuring your grass, then you know the benefit that this information can provide. Grass SAT is a quicker and easier way to manage your paddocks:


  • No plate meter readings required
  • Get daily grass growth updates
  • Data presented in easy-to-use graphs and charts
Not yet measuring grass

If you are a dairy, beef or sheep farmer and you’re not regularly measuring your grass, you’re missing out on a wealth of valuable information to improve the productivity and profitability of your farm. Grass SAT allows quick and easy access to this data.


  • Measure your grass without having to buy or use a plate meter
  • Identify which paddocks to graze or cut, and when
  • Increase farm productivity

Pasture management tool

Our pasture management tool uses remote sensing combined with a grass growth model to forecast a daily grass cover value (kg DM/ha) and colour-coded health assessment for every paddock and field throughout the entire season and post-season performance management tools.

Easy to use

Setting up your farm in the portal is simple with a step-by-step guide allowing you to map your paddocks, add livestock units and add grass management activities, such as grazing or cutting, either through the portal interface or using the Grass SAT Mobile App.

Try Grass Sat for two months for just £20.

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